Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the questions I get asked most frequently.

What sort of music do you teach?

I study an incredibly broad range of music with my pupils that is directed my the individual pupils tastes and interests. My pupils are always welcome to request a song they would like to learn, and I make every effort to find the score or alternatively I often create arrangements of the specific song so that I can mould it to their level and ability.

How long will it be before I can play well?

There is a very simple correlation between how hard you work and how quickly you will improve. Though natural musicality plays a part, the greatest ingredients a student can have is enthusiasm and determination.

Can I help my child to progress more quickly?

Yes! As I’ve said before, practise is crucial to your child improving. Whether you’re a musician yourself, or whether you don’t know the first thing about music, you can support your child through showing an interest and giving them your time.

Children can find it so difficult to sit by themselves and practise. Even just sitting next to them while they practise will be a great help, as they will try hard to impress you and seek your praise.

For parents who don’t know anything about music let your child teach you something that they are learning. It will help reinforce their knowledge, and they will think its great fun teaching Mum or Dad something! Children find it hilarious being the ‘teacher’ and it helps them to feel confident and clever in their musical ability.

Will I be learning about music theory?

I seamlessly weave the rudiments of music theory into my lessons as it is fundamental to your overall understanding and grasp of music. For students wishing to take their grade 6 of higher practical exam, they will need to pass the ABRSM Grade 5 Theory Exam first, in order to do so. We can study this alongside your practical studies. I also have lots of students that bring their GCSE music to me when they need help. 

I already play another instrument. Will that interfere with learning the piano?

Quite the opposite. Learning a second instrument will be much easier than learning the first as there are so many aspects you will already know and understand (i.e. being able to read music). Just ensure you have to the time to commit to learning it amongst your other instruments or hobbies/clubs.