These albums written, recorded and produced by Vivace Arts are all in support of The Anchor of Hope Children’s Centre in Malcoci, Moldova. Vivace Director Emily Howell visits Moldova every summer taking all the money raised through the year. The centre supports children in the local community that live in difficult circumstances; some parents leave to find work and never return, many have financial difficulties, the majority of the homes in the village do not have running water or heating and basics such as clothing and food can be a struggle to afford.

The money you are contributing to these albums goes directly to the children in the centre and is spent on necessities such as food supplies, clothing and books for school. Thank you for supporting this cause!


Equilibrium £10

Royalty Free!!!

Written specifically for reflexologists designed for a 60minute treatment.

Send your clients into peaceful ambience, feel physical and mental harmonic balance and enhance your therapy through the medium of music.

Journey preview.mp3


Summer Daydreams £5

This collection of tranquil piano solos will help you relax and unwind after a stressful day and make you drift into thoughtful daydreams.

Directions for Use: Find 20mins for yourself, make a nice cuppa, relax on the sofa and press play.

Waltz under the stars preview.mp3



Naughty or Nice £10

Created by students of Vivace Arts Academy, so far this charity CD has raised an amazing £1,070!!!

From Christmas carols to pop covers to originals, and from singing, to guitars and to piano this eclectic mixture fills you with Christmas spirit.  Also featuring Vivace Voices Community Choir’s rendition of God Rest You Merry Gentlemen!

Sledging song preview.mp3